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All recipes have been tried and tested by Kristen Vandevender (and her family). A wife, mother & career woman with a passion for farm to table organic cooking and baking. She also manages to find time to run Honest to Goodness Baking. Find her and more of her amazing recipes on Instagram @honesttogoodnessbaking


Spice Up Your Life!

 Happy Valentine’s Day! This is such a fun day and not in the sense that I (as a woman) expect gifts or a surprise but that my husband and I can cook a beautiful meal together for the whole family to enjoy and spend some quality time together. We find that cooking together has become a passion and a common interest and together we would like to share a few of our favorite meals that will Spice up your life (or day anyway!)



Valentine’s Day Breakfast:

 This is one of my all time favorites and if you make this little treat for your sweetheart for breakfast on Love day they are absolutely going to love you right back!

 I personally love to use Dave’s Killer Bread but any type of toast will do topped smashed avocado on the bottom, layered with 1-2 scrambled eggs (or over easy if you prefer) and finalized with fresh spinach and tomatoes. And of course, the Just Chili Sauce will steal the show… Happy Valentine’s Day Breakfast!


When you know you are going big for dinner we are all about the light and protein packed lunch to get us through the afternoon. One of my husband’s favorite things is salmon and his plating skills are always impeccable! But on this big day to break up your amazing dinner the following is always tasty…

 Baked Salmon at 350 degrees for 13-15 minutes for a 5-6 ounce filet topped with olive oil, squeezed fresh lemon, lemon pepper, salt, pepper, red chili flakes and sliced jalapeno. Of course, we always add our Just Chili Sauce on top to give it the extra kick that it needs. Serve with white or brown rice and steamed broccoli or even a light kale salad topped with a vinaigrette and candied pecans and you won't disappoint anyone with this spiced up meal!


Valentine’s Day Dinner:

This is always my favorite meal on Valentine’s Day because it is so elegant and can be a variety of different things but I am a sucker for a good filet or prime rib. Prime rib is easier than you would think and is something that doesn’t have to be super expensive either. You can actually go and get just the amount you need sliced and it is cheaper than going out! I cook my prime rib on 400 for the first 30-45 minutes to get a good crust on the outside since I rubbed olive oil, salt and coarse pepper on top. Then I let is go low and slow for another 2 hours (mine is usually no more than 2 lbs) and I let the juice rest in the bottom until it comes out and I can re-baste or use it as Aus jus sauce. I then take my homemade whipped horseradish sauce and add a touch of the Just Chili Sauce to give it an extra kick and you won't regret it! Pairs really nicely with the Prime Rib…


I serve this with my buttermilk mashed potatoes and a veggie of your choice but my favorite is broccolini… I steam my organic broccolini (2-3 bunches trimmed)  and place it in a nice dish topped with toasted chopped pecans, craisins or pomegranate seeds and a light vinaigrette that offers a sweet and sour kick to the beautiful vegetable. I put the following into a mason jar and let is sit in the fridge until I am ready, give it a good shake and lightly pour over the broccolini:

 Kristen’s Vinaigrette:

 2/3 Cup Olive Oil

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

2 ½ tbsp  cup cane syrup

1tsp Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste



And what Valentine’s Day meal isn’t complete without some homemade chocolate covered strawberries. I always go and buy the largest berries I can find and the rest is simple. Heat up over the stove (with a little heavy cream) in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water and continuously stir until melted or place your semi-sweet chips in the microwave for 3-4 minutes as you continue to stir throughout the process. Lay out your wax paper flat or on several paper plates and begin to dip your strawberries and twist them as you pull up and lay them flat on your paper. I usually let my berries sit out a good 20 minutes or so before I dip them because the chocolate tends to stick better that way. Also, make sure they are completely dry before you dip them as the water will repel the chocolate…and that is not what we want to happen!

 Place in the freezer for a quick harden or in the fridge overnight for the big day and you won't be disappointed!


Super Bowl Recipes
Oaxaca Bowls
Quinoa (cooked in a rice cooker or on the stove top), Pan seared filet seasoned with salt and pepper, sautéed jalapenos, poblano and red peppers, grilled corn (in a cast iron skillet) topped with fresh avocado slice, tomato cilantro, and Just Chili Hot Sauce
Organic Corn tortillas, 1 rotisserie chicken shredded, with Colby jack cheese, green chilis and drained and rinsed black beans topped with Hatch organic green & red chili sauce and cheese rolled up and baked on 350 for 20-25 minutes Once out, top with a little guacamole and Just Chili Hot Sauce
Loaded Sweet Potato French Fries
Alexia all natural frozen sweet potato fries back on a pan covered with foil on 425 for 20-25 minutes (I always spray mine with a little pam before they head into the oven). Drain and rinse black beans and grill/pan sear canned organic corn. Cut up red bell peppers and jalapeno peppers. Once fries are almost baked pull out of the oven and top with cheese and all desired toppings (I even like to throw on a little bacon) and bake at 400 degrees until cheese is melted. Once out top with avocado and tomatoes, fresh cilantro and of course, Just Chili Hot Sauce
Street Tacos
 I marinate most of my skirt steak overnight in olive oil, a fajita seasoning, garlic and a little chipotle pepper after it has been trimmed. For street tacos, I use this meat, sautéed onions, and poblano peppers and cook the meat on the grill or in a cast-iron skillet. I also pop our corn tortillas in the skillet after to soften and warm them up before topping them with a little cheese, sliced avocado and of course, Just Chili Hot Sauce. 
Potato and Steak Tacos
 I use the same marinated skirt steak from the street tacos and get 3-4 medium sized golden potatoes that I cut up into small pieces and cook on the stove top in a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper until crisp. I also sauté poblano and jalapeño peppers and a yellow onion to go on top with Just Chili Hot Sauce. This recipe is a favorite to all and the potatoes add a good change to your regular taco. 
Green Chili Chicken Soup-Crockpot

1 Rotisserie Chicken-pulled apart

1 Can of organic black beans

1 Can of organic pinto beans

1 Can of organic corn

2 cans of organic chicken broth

2 cans of Hatch organic green chili sauce medium or hot

2 big cans of diced green chilies

2/3 cup of water

Put all into your trusty crock pot overnight on low (or on high in the am) and it will be perfect for lunch or dinner the next day! I also take my pizza cutter and cut out tortilla strips from corn tortillas and put into a Ziploc bag with olive oil and salt to taste. Bake at 375-400 degrees for 15 minutes and voila! Your own tortilla strips. Also, pairs well with sliced avocado. This is a trusty recipe and is GREAT for a rowdy crowd!

 I love my guacamole because it is easy and tastes like it is from a Mexican Food restaurant. I gather 4-5 large and soft avocados along with one more that's a little harder. Once mashed I do salt and pepper to taste along with minced garlic and a tablespoon of sour cream. I also add diced tomatoes and jalapeños (for the crunch) and Just Chili hot sauce. Mix really well and serve with organic tortilla chips or blue corn tortilla chips. 

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